Friday, April 26, 2013

Update - Mountains of the Moon

Mountains of the Moon, the prequel to the Tower of Bones series is now in the second draft stage. The first draft of the manuscript topped out at 138,832 words, and will most likely be trimmed down a bit from that. It was one heck of a fun book to write.

Wynn Farmer has one adventure after another, dragging a young Rall Ivarsson and Jules Brendsson into scrape after scrape, none of them intentional, and all of them hilarious.

A new character, Devyn D'Mal is introduced in MOTM. He is the younger brother of King Daxyn, birth-father of my favorite insane priest of the Bull God, Stefyn D'Mal.  Handsome, witty and somewhat of a bad-boy as are the other three men, Devyn is an earth-mage.

Wynn himself is the polar opposite of his rather well-behaved grandson Edwin.

The search is still on for the artwork for the cover, and work continues in regard to fine tuning the maps and appendices.  A Glossary is in the works for all the Neveyah books.

Work has picked up again on book three of the Tower of Bones series, Valley of Sorrows. The basic plot has been laid out, with the beginning, middle and end, and now I am just expanding on the actual story, connecting the dots.

It's going to be a busy year!