Saturday, July 27, 2013

Tower of Bones - A Universe Unto Itself

In the universe where the series Tower of Bones takes place there are twelve gods and goddesses, the chief of whom are the Almighty Father and the Mother of all. The Almighty Father is the sun around which the ten worlds revolve and the Mother of All is the moon, who holds up the the sky beneath which the ten worlds are sheltered. The stars that light up the night are but the reflections of the worlds, cast upon the waters of the sky. 

It is in the joining of the Almighty Father and The Mother of All that the universe was created. Their children are the gods and goddesses of the ten worlds, each god and goddess so entwined with his or her world that their physical bodies become the world. Each God and Goddess exists in a multitude of forms. They appear in dreams in the form they choose, and they communicate their wishes via this medium.

The interactions of each God or Goddess with people of their worlds are intimate and yet restricted by certain laws of the physical universe. They cannot intercede directly but must act through their chosen people. 

A day comes when an eleventh world appears, and a new God is born. This world is not a child of the Universe, but is a 'cuckoo'--a child planted in the nest for other parents to raise. This upsets the balance of the worlds, changing the universe.

The new God, Tauron, is alone, as there is no goddess born to be his mate. After eons alone, Tauron descends into madness. He decides to kill Ariend, the Mountain God, and take his wife, Aeos, for his own.  Aeos finds her husband sealed in the tomb of Tauron's making, but still alive. She chooses to fight for her husband, and resist Tauron, thus escalating a war with him.

In the book, Tower of Bones, Edwin Farmer is the chosen hero of the Goddess Aeos, just as the mad priest, Stefyn D'Mal, is the chosen hero of Tauron, the Bull God.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Update - Mountains of the Moon

Mountains of the Moon, the prequel to the Tower of Bones series is now in the second draft stage. The first draft of the manuscript topped out at 138,832 words, and will most likely be trimmed down a bit from that. It was one heck of a fun book to write.

Wynn Farmer has one adventure after another, dragging a young Rall Ivarsson and Jules Brendsson into scrape after scrape, none of them intentional, and all of them hilarious.

A new character, Devyn D'Mal is introduced in MOTM. He is the younger brother of King Daxyn, birth-father of my favorite insane priest of the Bull God, Stefyn D'Mal.  Handsome, witty and somewhat of a bad-boy as are the other three men, Devyn is an earth-mage.

Wynn himself is the polar opposite of his rather well-behaved grandson Edwin.

The search is still on for the artwork for the cover, and work continues in regard to fine tuning the maps and appendices.  A Glossary is in the works for all the Neveyah books.

Work has picked up again on book three of the Tower of Bones series, Valley of Sorrows. The basic plot has been laid out, with the beginning, middle and end, and now I am just expanding on the actual story, connecting the dots.

It's going to be a busy year!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mountains and Minotaurs

Work is rapidly progressing on the prequel to the Tower of Bones Series.  I am currently writing the final battle scene, and my trusted friend Irene is reading and checking for inconsistencies as I go. Once I have the MS done to the best of my ability it will go to the fabulous Carlie Cullen and we will begin the editing process.  By late this year, this book will be published if we stay on track as we are now.

The bad-ass in this tale is a Minotaur, Kandek.

Kandek is the Highest Priest of the Bull God, Tauron, and he is terrifying. His own people wet their pants when he turns his eyes toward them.

In the world of Neveyah, Minotaurs are the Soldiers of Tauron. They were born normal men, but they've proven by their strength and physical prowess that they are worthy to undergo the terrible ritual that changes them from a normal man to a Minotaur.

The only way for man born into the culture of Serende, Tauron's world, to marry or own property is for him to rise through the ranks of the Legions of Tauron. Thus, every boy trains from birth to be a warrior, and every boy undergoes the Remaking at the age of fourteen, or the age of majority in their culture.

This is why the Legions of Tauron seem to be endless to our embattled heroes in later books. Tauron has no need to use finesse in matters of warfare--he uses sheer numbers overwhelm the opposition.

I am very close to having the entire first draft of this story done.


I love Minotaurs.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The World of Neveyah

I've been working on the new map for the Tower of Bones Series.  This is the map as it stands now.

I will be adding more towns and creating a second map in Black and White for the print books in this series.

I started with a pencil drawing and then went to colored pencil.  After that I scanned it into MS Paint and began adding texture.

The fonts are all the free ones that come with MS Paint.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mountains of the Moon

Work is progressing on the Mountains of the the Moon, the prequel to Tower of Bones. The editing has begun on the first chapters, and the writing of the final chapters is being finished as we speak.
We've found the art for the cover, and will be revamping the original Map of Neveyah for the whole series when Mountains of the Moon is published. New maps have been begun as well as expanded appendices.
Mountains of the Moon is Wynn Farmer's story. A reluctant hero, this the tale of Wynn's adventures with Rall Ivarsson, who,  at the time of Tower of Bones is the elderly, beloved and respected leader of the Temple of Aeos. Wynn and Rall go questing along with Jules Brendsson, and Devyn D'Mal.  I confess I've fallen in love with these men! 
Wynn Farmer was one of the more interesting characters to write, as were his companions. Mountains of the Moon is in many ways a comedy and takes place in a happier time, when the Lords of D'Mal still ruled the Valley of Mal Evol with kindness and love for the land and the people. The events foreshadow much of what occurs in the Tower of Bones series, and figure largely in John Farmer's story, which is emerging in the writing of Valley of Sorrows, the third and final book in the Tower of Bones series.
Muad'Dib byJosé María Pérez Nuñez from Buenos Aires, Argentina
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license. 

Saturday, January 26, 2013


The Long Awaited Sequel to

Tower of Bones


Available at  

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000032_00050]

Stop on by to read Carlie M A Cullen's interview with Connie J Jasperson at where they discussed writing the series, who Connie would be if she could be any character living or dead. Also Carlie revealed an excerpt from the new book.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Coming in February 2013 - the long awaited sequel to
A ray of light shone on Edwin. Of its own volition the sword Leviathan raised itself aloft to the Goddess. A bell tolled deep and clear, ringing through Edwin’s bones, ringing to his heels and resonating to his very soul, sealing him, binding him. Fervently he swore to wield Leviathan in service to the Goddess and Neveyah.  He was alive with the sound of the bell. The beauty of it was almost unbearable. 
As every fiber of his being resonated, a voice proclaimed “Now begins the quest in earnest. Send now the heroes four to the Shadowed Land. Beware! Beloved, the true task for which you were born begins.  The storm rages, the door opens upon the field of battle. In grief recall the Forbidden Road. The Beloved Hero will rise on the day of redemption. Mist and shadows shroud the truth, but the Hero Foretold shall one day set them free.”
Tears coursed down his cheeks and falling to his knees, Edwin’s eyes were blinded by the radiance of the bell’s tolling through his heart, mind and soul. The knowledge he was loved, overwhelming in its intensity, flooded his being.
Thus begins the Quest of a lifetime. Sorrow, peril and magic await in the Valley of Mal Evol.