Saturday, July 27, 2013

Tower of Bones - A Universe Unto Itself

In the universe where the series Tower of Bones takes place there are twelve gods and goddesses, the chief of whom are the Almighty Father and the Mother of all. The Almighty Father is the sun around which the ten worlds revolve and the Mother of All is the moon, who holds up the the sky beneath which the ten worlds are sheltered. The stars that light up the night are but the reflections of the worlds, cast upon the waters of the sky. 

It is in the joining of the Almighty Father and The Mother of All that the universe was created. Their children are the gods and goddesses of the ten worlds, each god and goddess so entwined with his or her world that their physical bodies become the world. Each God and Goddess exists in a multitude of forms. They appear in dreams in the form they choose, and they communicate their wishes via this medium.

The interactions of each God or Goddess with people of their worlds are intimate and yet restricted by certain laws of the physical universe. They cannot intercede directly but must act through their chosen people. 

A day comes when an eleventh world appears, and a new God is born. This world is not a child of the Universe, but is a 'cuckoo'--a child planted in the nest for other parents to raise. This upsets the balance of the worlds, changing the universe.

The new God, Tauron, is alone, as there is no goddess born to be his mate. After eons alone, Tauron descends into madness. He decides to kill Ariend, the Mountain God, and take his wife, Aeos, for his own.  Aeos finds her husband sealed in the tomb of Tauron's making, but still alive. She chooses to fight for her husband, and resist Tauron, thus escalating a war with him.

In the book, Tower of Bones, Edwin Farmer is the chosen hero of the Goddess Aeos, just as the mad priest, Stefyn D'Mal, is the chosen hero of Tauron, the Bull God.

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