Friday, September 16, 2016

The Wayward Son, A Companion Book to Forbidden Road

The Wayward Son, A Companion Book to Forbidden Road is now available. 

Deeds done in the heat of battle cast long shadows.

The most famous man in the history of the Temple, retired Commander John Farmer, has left the militia behind. War looms and John must answer the call to serve, but his terrible secret could destroy everything. A broken mage trying to rebuild his shattered life, he must somehow regain his abilities, or everyone and everything he loves will be lost.

John must face the crimes of the past to become the hero he never was. 

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Connie Jasperson writes, "John Farmer is one of my favorite characters, and was difficult on a personal level for me to write. In writing about his journey through PTSD, a very common, yet under-treated injury suffered by soldiers, victims of crimes, and witnesses to horrific events, I was finding ways to honor my father, my brother, and all those who serve. I was remembering victims of crimes, and terrible disasters. PTSD is an injury of the spirit, and it can cripple a person. But awareness is the key to gaining proper treatment for our returning soldiers and all whose lives are limited by this traumatic injury."