Saturday, March 18, 2017

series based in the World of Neveyah

The gods are at war, and Neveyah is the battlefield.

(Updated March 15, 2023) This epic fantasy series opens with Tower of Bones, and follows Edwin Farmer as he journeys deep into the lands claimed by the dreaded Bull God, in an attempt to rescue a girl he has only met in his dreams.  It is currently undergoing a total revamping and will be reissued with new content sometime in mid-May 2023.

In the meantime, the prequel, Mountains of the Moon is available, setting the stage for the epic journey.

Mountains of the Moon – Before the Tower of Bones, there was Wynn Farmer,
the legendary smith and lightning-mage. Danger, mystery, and dark prophecies, lie deep in a gauntlet of jagged peaks and deadly traps. Can Wynn survive the dark secret hidden in Tauron’s stolen castle before the Bull God’s minotaurs overrun Neveyah?


You can purchase the Tower of Bones series and all the books set in the World of Neveyah from these fine vendors:

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